This is ME!

Hey guys! How are ya? How was your weekend? I don’t know about you but my little mind has been buzzing lately and I have been doing a lot of writing!

I thought before I started sharing some new posts, this would be a good time to pop in and reintroduce myself to you.

For those of you who have been around the past few years, thank you! I love you!

working on some exciting new content for ya!

For the rest of ya, I am Betsy, a thirty-something neurotic Jewish boy mom living in sunny San Diego. My hobbies consist of….. oh wait, I have children I don’t have hobbies.

I do love all things food and exercise related. We are huge Disney dorks and try to go as much as possible.

As for this bloggie, I started back in 2016. I was feeling very burned out at work and creatively stifled. I needed an outlet, and almost as a joke came up with “Flabbutfab” and the blog that followed.  I was an elementary educator for 12 years, spending the last 4 working in special education. At the end of the school year in June of 2016, I took the plunge and left the school district I had been working at since 2004. I was 35 and wondering what was next.

I would definitely say it was the scariest thing I have ever done. I thought I had to immediately be doing something, so I tried quite a few avenues. I did some educational consulting and training and took a stab at direct sales, but I really suck at convincing people to buy things from me. I spent a little time in the private sector working with a company that provided ABA Therapy, but still, it wasn’t right. The hours I was working kept me from being around for my kiddos and my oldest son was having a lot of problems in school.

At the end of last year, my oldest son (the one in the back!) was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD. I knew I need to refocus and use my skills from the classroom at home. I am working really hard to support him in school and emotionally, so I really needed to be around for him after school.

What I’ve realized is that right now, I am needed most as a mom and a wife. My husband has a very demanding job and works a LOT. I need to make sure I can support him and the boys as he provides for our little family.

But I had always worked in some form or another and was feeling very lost at first. I felt like I needed something tangible to show that I was a productive human. Funny how keeping two children alive doesn’t do that, right?

After I stopped working outside of the home I spent a solid few months doing absolutely nothing. There were some days I took the kiddos to school and then came home and got right back in bed with Netflix and a bowl of popcorn. It was actually much harder than you would think. I know, world’s tiniest violin. But for a person who has gone non stop their entire lives, slowing down is hard. You feel lazy and guilty, and you eat way too many of the kids’ snacks.

But I needed it.

I needed it so badly. Having that time to rest and recharge after so many years of living in fight or flight mode (I won’t even get into some of the personal stuff we went through over the past few years) it gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life, my passions and what would make me happy. So what’s the point of this rambling?

Because I feel like a lot of mamas out there can relate.

One thing I do know I love doing is sharing my thoughts with you on this blog. So while I may be all over the place from my emotional meltdowns to party and travel tips, I from now on will be unapologetically me sharing with you. I am sure professional bloggers would be horrified how inconsistent I am or confused about what my niche is.

To them I say GFY.

It’s Betsy- a chick who is multi-talented and all over the plays and an overall wild and crazy gal

Cue This Is Me from The Greatest Showman

Talk to you very soon,