Down But Not Out.


I created this blog and Instagram account to hold myself accountable, and to share my journey as I try to lose the flab. I’ve made some positive changes over the past month or so, up until last week.

It basically started over the long weekend. We went to visit family in Los Angeles, then 2 days at Disneyland, and to top it of, my son came down with a horrible case of the stomach flu. I can still see him, walking into my room, carrying his barf bowl, full and sloshing back and forth, to let me know he puked again. Clearly I’ve overindulged, especially considering somebody asked me if I was pregnant at yoga on Saturday.

So here’s the plan:

(Disclaimer: I am in NO way a nutrition or diet professional! I have zero official background in the matter besides being on a diet since I was 12. These are solely my opinions and interpretations.)

Over the next few weeks my intentions are to log everything I put into my pie hole into MyFitness Pal, and stick to lots of  veggies, protein, and healthy carbs and fats. At least those are my intentions.

It’s very hard for me to “Trust the Process” considering I have been on a diet since I was 12 and I have a terrible relationship with food.

Quite frankly there’s a part of me that just wants to get some diet pills and call it a day. The thing is, besides them being terrible for you, A) They make me a raging bitch, and B) It’s not the best example for my kids to see me all hopped up on diet pills.

Maybe I will tattoo “Trust the Process” on my arm to remind me that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I bought a pack of training sessions at the gym and am meeting with the fitness manager today to talk about finding a trainer who is the right “fit” for me. In other words, I don’t want the newest trainer who needs to fill his calendar, or the super hot skinny girl who decided to workout one day and all of a sudden has a six pack. I need a former fatty who got ripped!

Any other workout suggestions in the San Diego area greatly appreciated!

So, to recap I am going to try to exercise, eat as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible, and not stuff down my feelings with chocolate and online shopping.

Revolutionary, I know.

Meh, maybe just not the chocolate.IMG_0729 (Friday night of my dreams)

It’s crunch time bitches!

Until next time.



The Downside to Being Flabulous


Today I’m keeping it real. As I was checking into yoga this morning, the woman at the front desk said to me:

“There are two other pregnant women in class today.”

A little startled, I looked at her and said,

“Oh, I am not pregnant, clearly just fat.” and walked off.

I then proceeded to walk into the locker room to cry.

I thought, this bitch really f’ed up my yoga practice today. I know I carry my weight around my mid section, but do I really look pregnant?! I had a very hard time clearing my head and not thinking about it in class. It never feels good to be told you look a certain way, that you perceive to be negative. By tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be over it, but be warned, I will definitely be harping on this to my husband, girlfriends, and basically anyone who will listen for the rest of the day.

But here’s the thing. First of all, she probably feels like a HUGE asshole, as she should! This was evident when I could see her hiding in the office as I walked out of class. People make mistakes.

Secondly, I am going to do my best to channel this into a positive, and push myself even harder to work towards my goal of losing my stomach flab.

And if all else fails, I’m getting a tummy tuck.

Until next time.



Doing Disneyland Flabulously

Over the long weekend we made a last minute decision to head up to Disneyland for a few days. We have a love/hate relationship with Disneyland. In our minds we picture our happy children frolicking through Tomorrowland singing our praises and thanking us profusely for spending way too much money on tickets and a hotel. In reality it’s almost always hot as balls, the kids are either complaining, fighting, or generally pissed, and my husband and I basically want to shoot ourselves. That said, we still go several times a year because we are clearly gluttons for punishment. I wanted to share my top tips and suggestions to make your next trip flabulous.

  1. Do not bring your children along.IMG_0329
  2. Pack snacks because Disneyland does allow outside food and drinks. Also, if you weren’t able to find a hotel deal that includes breakfast (Always check online for AAA discounts!), pack breakfast. It will keep the early risers happy, if you decided to bring them along, and you will save lots of $$$$ and time eating in your room.
    ( I don’t mess around with my snacks.)IMG_0495
  3. Look cute but be comfortable. Wear big sunglasses so you can avoid makeup, stylish but comfy tennis shoes, and always carry a crossbody bag so your hands are free for snacks, and to pick up lazy children.
  4. Bring a stroller, even if you don’t have children. Seriously they are the best. You can lug all of your crap in them, carry drinks, push the pesky children and there’s kind of an unspoken agreement that nobody steals from a parked stroller because it’s Disneyland and that would be the worst Karma ever.                                                   ***Note to those who wear fitness trackers like the Fitbit. When you’re pushing a stroller with both hands the tracker won’t count your steps because it cannot sense your movement. Boo!***IMG_0471
  5. Double check what time the park opens and arrive early! The sooner you arrive the more rides you can enjoy, and the park really starts to fill up after lunch so if you get there when they open you can get way more done.  And don’t forget to utilize the Fast Pass Program!IMG_0467
  6. Lastly, treat yo self! It’s Disneyland for Christ sake! No, don’t eat every Mickey shaped pretzel, ice cream bar, and waffle in sight, but you are walking all day in the miserable heat with whining children so pick one thing to splurge on.(I would basically choose a rice crispy treat over pretty much anything, ever. Especially one with chocolate on it.)

Until next time! -Betsy

Happy Birthday to ME


Birthday Cake


Today I turn 35.

Most days I still feel like a kid, not a grown up. I still call my mom every day, and consult with her on any major life decisions, and more importantly hair, makeup, and wardrobe ones. I live in San Diego, the city I grew up in, and even though everything seems so much smaller, I’m surrounded by all the familiar sights and sounds of my childhood. I am fortunate enough to live within 2 miles of my grandparents, parents, brother, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Let’s be honest, that last one is a blessing and a curse. I kid, I kid.

Not really.

Then there are the days when I feel every bit of my age. I remember that I am a mother of two incredibly loving, smart mouthed, pain in my ass, boys. A wife to a wonderful, loving, supportive husband (My kids can’t read yet so I can say whatever I want about them). I’ve had the opportunity to travel, attend college, college bars, college parties, graduate school, drop out of culinary school, and work as an educator now for almost 12 years. So I guess I really am 35.

What does any of that rambling have to do with being Flab but Fab?

Caveat to the sob story.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I’m not talking “Biggest Loser” style weight struggles, but as a kid I was always the chubby one in my blond, long legged group of girlfriends. My weight fluctuated depending on my activity level, but through most of my life I’ve had about 30 extra lbs to lose give or take 10. Growing up in San Diego where flip flops are worn year round, I savored the few days out of the year I could wear a sweater and hide behind my clothes. Fast forward to two 50+ pound pregnancies, some heavy family shit that went down, and a major health scare, food has always been a constant, there to make things all alright. Along with Xanax, and Lexapro!

As I venture now into my 36th year of life, I just want to feel good and more importantly look good. Yes, my belly jiggles quite a bit, and my thighs touch, but it’s cool. I’m still a sexy biatch. I want to be strong, and feel good, but hells yes, I want the mommies at Tball asking, what’s she doing? Has she had work done? Betsy looks so good! Who doesn’t want to be a milf? Therefore while I may still have some Flab, I AM FAB, and this year I am going to work my ass off to make it my best!

I would love for anyone to follow along with me (unless your an asshole) there’s only enough room for one bitch on this blog, and that bitch is me. I want to share what’s working for our family, and what isn’t. I will share what I’m eating, and how I plan to adapt it to keep me from being a short order cook. And lot’s of other super fun stuff. So read it, ok, and tell everyone you know about me. I have very little self esteem and need you all to validate me (Insert crying laughing emoji here). Talk to you soon! -Betsy