Headed to Vancouver, eh?

Hey guys! Long time no see! One of my big goals in 2019 was to blog more #fail. But I have so much I wanted to share from our trip that I thought this would be better that going crazy on my instagram feed!

I hope I didn’t forget anything!
Waiting for our plane.
Vancouver Airport

We left for Vancouver on Saturday morning on a nonstop 3-hour flight on Air Canada. The flight was super quick and easy. We flew right through customs (not so much heading home, but I will get to that another time) and hopped in a cab. Taxi cabs are based on zone

Taxi Zones

not mileage or time. It was $35 for all of us and our luggage to get to the hotel. A lot of people opt to take the train in, which is about $15.00 for a family of 4 but on our last trip to Vancouver it was sort of a disaster so we opted for a cab. Our friends took the train in and said it was super smooth for them.
After we checked into the hotel the concierge pointed us toward the cobble street lined area of Granville.
We were starving so ate at the first place we found and it was pretty good but I probably would hit up a more authentic place next time. We then hit up some shops, and got dessert at this quirky Peruvian place that had churros and gelato?


When we got back to the room the boys hit the pool and I settled us in.

We had been so busy planning our cruise that we really didn’t make any plans for the 2 days in Vancouver. So on Sunday morning we ate breakfast at an adorable little cafe:

and then Gina had the great idea to hit up the Vancouver Aquarium.

It was so cool. After a ton of walking and a little more sight seeing we made it back to the room. Sunday night we just got organized for tomorrow and kept it low key with room service and a movie.

Monday morning I had set my alarm clock for 6, but my human alarm clocks were so excited to board the ship that we were all up by 5:15! There was an OTF steps away from our hotel which I took as a sign and got in a gnarly workout, then because god forbid I wash my own hair I hustled over to Drybar before we boarded the ship.

It was a pretty glorious morning for me if I do say so myself. Next stop, the Disney wonder!

I was thinking about doing a post or few about the trip. One idea was kind of a soup to nuts deal where I talk about what we packed and what we did, ate, etc. what would you most like to see! What would you like to see most: Packing tips? Disney Cruising? Alaska Adventures?  Please do me a huge favor and let me know in the comments!

Vegas 2018: Shopping, Basketball, and ALL THE FOOD

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! Any fun plans for the week? We are recovering from another epic Vegas trip and my Wy Man has his 6th (how?!?)  birthday on Saturday! I wanted to share some fun pics from our weekend and some of our awesome eats and adventures.

As some of you know, every year we meet Tom and Gina in Vegas for the PAC12 Basketball Tournament. Click here for previous years’ posts: 2016  and 2017.

Gina and I at the finals of the tournament.

We love college basketball and all of our favorite teams play in this tourney. There is a very healthy rivalry between us but it is really all in good fun.

This year we decided to go up a day early. We have had a lot going on and Jeremy and I needed a little extra time alone to decompress. We needed to remind ourselves that we are not just two ships in the night passing while raising two boys!We needed to let loose a little and have some fun. And boy did we do that!

We got in on Thursday, checked into our hotel, grabbed a late lunch and a Bloody Mary and headed to a basketball game. I am still recovering from the plague also known as an Ear Infection, Strep, and Walking Pneumonia, so we took it easy that night.

Customized Bloody Mary
Late Lunch

Friday was glorious: Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, shopping, Drybar, Caviar, and Basketball. Basically the perfect day.

Mon Ami Gabi
Petrossian Caviar Cafe
A little nugget of heaven
All the shoes

On Saturday I woke up feeling kind of meh. I think I did too much on Friday, so we slowed down a bit. Grabbed the most amazing brunch at Herringbone in the hotel, walked around a bit and then got ready for the tournament finals.

Lunch at The Venetian
Lunch at The Venetian

Vegas is truly a fatty’s, I mean Foodie’s dream!

After the game, we rallied and hit the hotel bar.

It. Was. Epic.

The calm before the storm

I haven’t let loose like that in forever! I would love to tell you all about the debauchery, but you know what they say. What happens in Vegas…

Let’s just say we were paying for it on Sunday, but it was 100% completely worth the pain.

We had the most amazing time with the most amazing friends, but it was so great to get home to these knuckleheads.

My babes

What are your favorite Vegas hot spots? I would love to hear your Vegas recommendations!

Talk to you soon!


San Francisco Part 1: What We Ate

It is definitely safe to say that we did not starve in San Francisco. Most times when we travel we pretty much wing it when it comes to food. San Francisco though is a city filled with an incredible culinary scene so it is definitely worth doing a little homework before you head there. our first night we walked to Belden Place, an adorable alley way that is closed off to cars and tables and chairs are set up in the street. We ate at Cafe Tiramisu. It was probably one of the best meals of the trip.


Our Adventurous Little Eater


The next morning we had brunch at Cafe Le Presse which had come highly recommended but honestly, it was just meh.

We continued on with our food marathon at an awesome Italian restaurant Original Joe’s in North Beach. It was everything from the dim lighting to the red booths. I need to recreate the chopped salad and artichoke dip. The menu isn’t huge but everything we ate was perfect.

That evening, we were exhausted and had promised our spoiled kiddos we could have room service. Also, as a nice bonus our hotel, an Omni brought the kiddos milk and cookies every night. We also had room service for breakfast the next morning.


Room Service Breakfast


Now if you know anything about San Francisco, you would know about their amazing Chinatown. We LOVE Chinatown, and here is a small sampling of the dim sum we ate. I will be dedicating an entire blog post focus on Chinatown later this week!

After out trip to Alcatraz we stopped at Pier 39 and made a rookie mistake. Instead of waiting in line at Boudin we were so hangry we ate at a knock off version and it was not very good at all. The red chowder was awful, and I am still kicking myself. Luckily to make up for that lapse in judgement we walked to Ghiradelli Square and make quick work of these two ice cream sundaes. They were out of this world, and worth every single calorie.

Having walked close to eight miles that day, we were pretty pooped. Thank goodness for Postmates who delivered this awesome takeout from Brandy Ho’s!

Our last meal out was kind of a disappointment. We had spent the morning at the Ferry Building before our flight and ate at MarketBar. The service was NOT good, and the food was definitely nothing to write home about, especially for the price!

Well folks, there’s a look at our gluttony in San Francisco. Did we miss any must eats?

Until next time,


Day Dating, and Some Words of Wisdom

I remember before we had kids, people would always say, “Don’t forget to make time for each other, and go on dates.” And I was always like, yea, yea, yea, of course we will.

Fast forward nearly eight years and two children later. Sometimes I feel like my hubby and I are roommates, ships passing in the night. Between work, kids, and real life we rarely carve out time for each other. And honestly, I guess I hadn’t noticed much in all of the chaos that we have gone through the past few years.

When we were in Las Vegas, I noticed how affectionate and in love our friends Tom and Gina are. And man, are they in the trenches! Not only do they have a 4 year old daughter, but also a 6 month old baby. Yet they were constantly smiling at each other and laughing at each others’ jokes.

FullSizeRender 7
Aren’t we adorable!

I made a comment in passing to Gina about that, and she said something to me that I don’t know why, but I had never even thought about. She told me that there is going to come a day when the kids are out of the house, and it will just be us again.

It was like a punch in the gut.

I guess I have such tunnel vision right now, and I couldn’t see the forest from the trees. She was right. Not only do we need to continue to cultivate our relationship as parents, but also as a husband and wife.

So lately we have been making more of an effort to do things as a couple. This ice queen also needs to be more affectionate towards her husband. He has been such a rock for me through all that we’ve been through, and really deserves a prize for putting up with me.

But here’s the catch. By the time we spend a Saturday with the kiddos, get them to bed, then get myself sexified, and go to dinner at 7:00, I’m pooped. Not only that, but by the time dinner ends, and we get home, that cuts into my precious DVR/ sleepy time. So we are now the king and queen of the Day Date!

FullSizeRender 8
Yes, that’s me on the left not a boy!

Here’s how a Day Date works. You hire a sitter to come between 2-3, and you and your spouse catch a movie, do a little shopping, maybe go kayaking, whatever. Then you grab an early bite, say around 6. When you arrive home about 8 the kids should be fed, and hopefully ready for bed. It’s a glorious concept because the sitter wears them out, and does all of the dirty work of feeding them and getting them ready for bed. You swoop in, kiss the little monkeys good night, and you still have time to cozy up in bed, fire up the DVR, and still get a good night’s sleep.

Or you could do what we did the other day. We were so wiped out we actually had the sitter come over, left and picked up some tasty take out, then texted the sitter to take the kids out back to play while we snuck back into our bedroom and binge watched House of Cards for 3 hours. MUAHHHHHHH!

It was glorious, they were so confused when we came downstairs at 8.

You’re Welcome!

Until next time,


Viva Las Vegas (Part 2)

While we were in Las Vegas we left the kiddos with the babysitter overnight for the first time.

I just left a few notes for her to get by…

FullSizeRender 4

All of those years making Sub Plans really came in handy.

Too much?

Both my husband I have parents who aren’t quite in the kind of shape to be chasing around a 4 and 6 year old for 3 days, so we had our babysitter watch them.

We figured it would be good birth control for her.

This was the first time she had watched the boys overnight, and in typical OCD fashion I may have overdid it a little on the prep.

For starters, I made a binder for her to use. Inside were the neatly typed plans, important phone numbers, some spending cash, and medical release forms in case something happened.

I tried not to talk about the trip too much to the kiddos before hand. I didn’t want to build it up as something for them to worry about. Instead I emphasized that they got to have a party weekend of junk food and electronics with the babysitter.

I stocked the fridge and freezer with easy to make meals and snacks, and some cookie dough and cinnamon rolls for a fun baking activity.

I also grabbed some consumable activities from the dollar bin at target for them to make.

The sitter stayed at our house in the guest room, and drove the kiddos in my car since they had their normal weekend activities planned, and I wanted to keep things as consistent as possible for them.

We rarely leave them overnight, and this was the longest I had been away so I wasn’t sure how they would respond.


They don’t look too traumatized to me!

Who do you leave your kiddos with when you leave town?

Any tips/ ideas about leaving your kids at home with a sitter or family member?

Until next time.



Viva Las Vegas in Your 30’s!

This past weekend my husband and I escaped the madness of karate, baseball, and birthdays parties for a little party time of our own in Las Vegas. We planned the trip with another couple under the rouse of attending the PAC 12 Basketball Tournament. Really all we I wanted to do was sleep, eat, and shop.

I want to share with you what I’ve learned about Vegas in this post bachelorette party era.

  1. It will take a day or two to get over what our friend Tom termed as “Kid Lag.” Similar to Jet Lag, this is the day or two it takes to catch up on sleep and not expect a child to be standing over you at 5:30 in the morning asking for milk.
  2. Invest in an upscale, quiet hotel. It is worth the extra money to not be stepping over barf in the hallways, or stinking like cigarette smoke for 3 days. IMG_1041
  3. You are too old for Pool Parties, and dresses that barely cover your Vajay Jay. Yes, even in Vegas one over 30 must maintain a touch of class. Now don’t confuse slutty and sexy. Just know what you can and can’t show anymore.


3. Wear something easy and comfortable during the day that’s versatile but still cute.IMG_1097

4. Eat well. Do not waste calories on crap you can eat at home. There are endless amazing dining options in Las Vegas to choose from.IMG_1115

Spend you calories on this!!!!


5. I am WAY, WAY too old for the clubs (although being able to use my zexiness to get free tickets was a much needed ego boost).


I missed my little munchkins though. I constantly complain about needing to get away from those two little trolls, but as soon as I do, I miss them like CRAZY.

As for how they behaved while we were gone?

All I know is that after the babysitter picked us up from the airpot, and brought us to the house, she had already packed her bag and made a bee line for her car before we even walked in the door…

Until next time.