Clean Chicken Fried Rice

Howdy friends! How is your week going? Remember, it’s Friday eve!!!

I have been lacking some major cooking mojo these days. I feel like lately my cook switch has been turned off. The thought of sitting down and making a meal plan seemed completely overwhelming these past few weeks, but I knew if I didn’t start cooking soon, we might have to sell the house to pay for all of the takeout we’ve been eating.

I also knew as soon as I got my butt back into the kitchen it would light that fire again. My first homemade meal in WAY too long was my cleaner version of chicken fried rice. It is super simple, and very flavorful.

I was not about chopping, and prepping much, so here is the almost homemade version:


IMG_3325 2
Fried Rice Ingredients



1 bag mixed frozen vegetables (Peas, Carrots, and Corn)

4 Eggs

3 Cups brown rice cooked

2 Cooked chicken breasts chopped, or you can use firm tofu to make Lacto/Ovo vegetarian

4T Liquid Aminos

2 Cloves garlic minced

2T MCT oil

1T Sesame Oil


-In a large saute pan heat MCT oil over medium heat cook garlic about 2 mins or until fragrant.

-Add frozen vegetables until warmed through.

-Add chopped chicken, heat through.

-Move veggies and chicken to one side of pan and add sesame oil to the other side.

-Scramble eggs in the open side of the pan. Once scrambled combine ingredients in pan.

-Add brown rice and liquid aminos to the veggies and chicken. Mix well, heat through, and enjoy!

Serves 6



Chicken Fried Rice


Until next time,


It’s a double edged sword.

Here we are! Another Monday, another crazy weekend behind us.

Saturday morning I hit up a spin class at the gym, and then we had my nephew Nathan’s first birthday party at a park. It was everything a kid’s party should be. Bouncy house, pizza, pinata, pony rides, and a cake from Von’s. I don’t know what the Von’s bakery fairies do, but that shiz is so good!

Speaking of cake, look at this magical creation from Crafted Baked Goods. Unbelievable!

We had another celebration Saturday night and I brought this beauty as a hostess gift.


Candy Cake


The party was on the rooftop of our friend’s condo in La Jolla. The view was stunning, and the company was even better.


Sunset La Jolla Boys


I was flying solo because Jeremy had poker night. If only Wyatt would look at the camera.


Sunset La Jolla


And of course Sunday was Father’s Day.

I am not a very good at articulating my feelings to people. I take that back. If you’re an asshole, I have no problem saying so.

I have a hard time verbalizing positive feelings towards people, especially when it comes to how much I care about my loved ones. I am not good at getting all mushy and lovey dovey with my words, but I try to show my love as much as possible. I have a tendency to give love through gestures like cooking, or helping out when extra hands are needed. Not to mention I am Jewish, so inherently I feel the need to constantly feed people. For Father’s Day I made my hubs breakfast in bed, he got an at home massage, and at his request a bone in ribeye for dinner.




And I wonder why I can’t lose weight!




This is the part where the whole double edged sword reference comes into play.

I find holidays like Father’s Day to be very difficult and anxiety inducing for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was so lucky to snag a husband who is a wonderful father. His devotion to his family is truly indescribable. Not to mention he treats me like an absolute queen. I also am fortunate enough to have some incredible father figures in my life. It has nothing to do with the subject of the holiday, more the reason behind it.

I would like to think that I try to acknowledge how much these men mean to me and to our family as much as possible. I don’t know that an earmarked day is necessary to do that. Not to mention that some aspects of Fathers Day are just plain ridiculous. An example of this is the race to see who can post the most poignant, adorable message on social media praising fathers. I was literally lying in bed Saturday night thinking about what to post when I woke up on Sunday.

Not to mention I can only imagine how this would be a difficult day for many, including my husband who lost his father just 2 years ago.  Or parents raising children alone, or with strained relationships. This can be a day of sadness and reflection on what they are missing.

I know I sound like a real buzz kill right now. All I’m saying is that maybe we should spend a little more time celebrating the ones we love on a daily basis, instead of waiting for that one pressure filled, anxiety inducing day to do it.

Just sayin.

Am I crazy? Have you had these sentiments towards these types of holidays or am I just a cranky asshole?

Until next time,


June Gloom Comfort

Happy Hump Day!!!

Even though summer has technically started, we have been experiencing the typical San Diego June gloom. I’m not gonna complain though, I know it will get super hot soon (like, tomorrow!), So I will soak in this marine layer for as long as I can.

While enjoying this cozy weather the other night I decided to make some comfort food, figuring it will be a while before I get to make soups again. I made a tomato basil soup adapted from this The Barefoot Contessa recipe.


Tomato Soup


You can easily make this recipe vegan by substituting the chicken stock with vegetable stock and omitting the butter.


Tomato Soup Ingredients


I chose to use the immersion blender at the end, instead of a food mill because it is much easier to get the kiddos to eat soup with less texture.


FullSizeRender 26
Tomato Soup


I also put together a little make your own grilled cheese bar to pair with the soup.


Grilled Cheese Board


For my make your own grilled cheese bar, I had ciabatta, whole wheat, and gluten free bread. I put out some brie, smoked cheese, and cheddar out. I also offered some add ons like pancetta, sweet pickles, pancetta, and sweet medjool dates (not pictured).

The kiddos had the traditional cheddar, I jazzed mine up using the ciabatta bread, dates, brie, and pancetta, while the hubs had his with gluten free bread, smoked gouda and pancetta. A make your own grilled cheese bar is  a fun way to get everyone involved in dinner!

This is a fun, easy dinner for any night of the week. Let me know what you like in your grilled cheese! Is there anything I can’t live without?

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Until next time,


It’s beginning to look a lot like Summer!

Good Morning!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Even though the boys have three more days of school, it is basically summer time in these parts. On Friday I met up with my friend Gina for lunch. We went to Mitch’s in Point Loma. The place is SO good and right on the water. The smell of the ocean, and watching the tourists made me feel  like I was temporary plucked out of reality, and into Michelada heaven!




Saturday was karate, Costco, closing day of baseball,


Little League


more fish tacos,


Snack Shack Fish Tacos


and swimming at grandma’s.


Pool Time


On Sunday the kid’s school held an end of the year party on the bay. It was great to see the kiddos having so much fun outside. (Not pictured, yet again tacos for lunch!)

Sunday night was the usual. Laundry, cooking, getting ready for the week.

Are you feeling the Summer vibe yet? Any fun plans coming up in the next few months?

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Memorial Day Weekend Happenings. 

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I seriously feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! I don’t know about you, but whenever we have a Monday holiday I am always totally off kilter for the rest of the week.

On Saturday we ran some errands, had a birthday party to go to, and in preparation for a family wedding on Sunday, I had this gem come to my house. She does an awesome job, and you literally walk out your door, get a tan, and go back inside. Brilliant! Plus the club beats bumping from the bus is an added bonus.


IMG_3010 2
Spray Tan Bus


Sunday morning I got my ass whooped at a boot camp class, and then grabbed coffee with a girlfriend. I think it’s really important to carve out time with my girlfriends. It reminds me that I am more than a mommy! Then I got to spend the rest of the day getting glammed for the wedding. It takes a LOT of work to clean me up!

Yesterday was very slow going (imagine the sloth from Zootopia) that was me yesterday. I was so tired from the wedding bonanza, and the little sleep we got that night. I was able to make it out of the house for food, of course and to hit up the grocery store. Our friends came over for dinner and I made tomato basil soup and a make your own grilled cheese bar. Yummy! Dinner turned out really well. I will have the soup recipe and details up on the blog soon.

Also, keep your eye out this week for my first Giveaway on the blog!

Woohoo! I’m legit now!

Until next time,


Grocery Store Round-Up

Hola amigos! Happy Friday!!! Any fun plans for the long weekend? We have a family wedding this weekend but that’s about it.

Since the week is winding down, and my neurotic, OCD self has already started thinking ahead to the next. As I start my meal prep I’m reminded of a convo I had with my friend Lindsay last week.

During our daily text thread she was telling me how exhausted she was from going grocery shopping. She had been to Costco, Target, and Sprouts, and still wanted to make a Trader Joe’s run. I was like WTF? You’re nuts.

Then I started thinking about it and there really is no one stop shop for food.

At Costco we buy snacks, fruit, and meats in bulk.

Target I get mainly paper goods, but sometimes they have really good deals on food items.

Sprouts is my go to for fresh ingredients that I may not need a lot of like ginger, and organic buys.

Then there’s Trader Joe’s for odds and ends. I really love how they have a lot of veggies prepped, and the freezer section. Come on. It’s worth the trip just for that.

Why can’t all of this goodness be in one place?

Anyone else hit up multiple grocers for the week’s food or are we just nuts?

Maybe I should just go to Vons, but where’s the fun in that ; )

Let me know!

Until Next time,


Super Simple Cinnamon Spice Protein Muffins

I am always looking for a good snack option that doesn’t feel too healthy and can curb my afternoon sugar/carb/junk food cravings. These definitely do the trick!


These turned out so much better than I expected. I have tried making higher protein baked goods in the past but they have always been major fails. I think the key was the protein pancake mix. They turned out soft and moist and don’t have that overly fake flavor to them. If you don’t eat the muffins right away I recommend popping them in the microwave for a few seconds if you can before eating them.

FullSizeRender 20

They even look like “real” muffins. Also, they would probably be even tastier with some almond butter sandwiched in between them!

FullSizeRender 22

Recipe: Makes 8 muffins

1/2 Cup About Time Protein Pancake Mix- Cinnamon Spice ( I ordered this on Groupon)

***If you don’t have protein pancake mix I would recommend mixing a scoop of your favorite protein powder with equal parts almond and coconut flour.***

1/2 Cup Water

2 Tbsp. PB2

6 Tbsp. Egg Whites

Preheat over to 350 degrees and line 8 muffin tins. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

Let mix stand 3 minutes.

Scoop mix into muffin tins about 1/2 to 3/4 full.

Bake for 25 mins.

Store in the refrigerator in a Ziploc bag and keep muffins in the liner until you eat them to keep fresh and soft.

This is a rough calculation of the nutritional value.

Per muffin:

72 calories/ 2.5g fat/ 8g carbs/ 7g protein, <1g fiber

Let me know if you try them!

Until Next time!


Putting myself on time out.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had as fantastic a weekend as I did!

After a CRAZY work week I crashed out at about 9:30 on Friday night.

Saturday morning I hit the gym and the boys had Karate and Baseball.

I spent the rest of the day/night with my bestie Camille. We both recently turned 25 again for the tenth time. To celebrate we had a girl’s staycation. This was only about the fourth time in 7 years that I spent a night away from all of my boys. If I’ve ever gone away overnight it’s been with my husband. I’ve always had so much mom guilt about leaving them. But let me tell you, this weekend was glorious.

We grabbed lunch:

The Calexxican from Naked Cafe

Then Massages and Pedis:

And movies/ snacks/  room service at a cute boutique hotel nearby:

The perfect day! And it was a great opportunity for my husband to have some quality time with the boys. They had a beach picnic at the cliffs:


Sunday afternoon was spent at the baseball field and getting ready for the coming week. Have you ever taken a mom “time out?” I think I could get used to it!

Until next time,




Passover the bread…Literally!

Happy Passover to my Jewish peeps!

For those of  you not in the tribe, this is the holiday with the Matzo not the Menorah.

We headed back up to Los Angeles this past weekend to celebrate with my husband’s family. He grew up in a very strict Kosher household and there are many rules about bringing outside food in during Passover. My husband only has 1 rule for me. I’m not allowed to bring in anything. I have a bit of a reputation for being a trouble maker, and in years past I have been caught bringing in contraband.

So, I packed a huge cooler, and went out to the car whenever I needed a little snacky.IMG_2111

Most Passover food I am not down with ie. gefilte fish (barf)! But I love me some Matzo and cream cheese. I have been off gluten for a few weeks, so this lovely combination of wheat and dairy did quite a number on the tummy, but it was so good!


I wasn’t as healthy as I should have been this weekend and I am paying for it in bloat. But you know how it is spending all day in a house with your extended family.


I did get in a hike on Sunday morning. I met up with a girlfriend who lives in the area and we were planning on a quick little hike at a new spot near her house. Turns out it was a 6 mile loop! It was beautiful, but it ended up taking us over 2 hours to complete.


It felt great to get a workout in but I wish I hadn’t indulged so much the night before.

I am trying unsuccessfully to not dwell on the fact that I have been working out like a beast for the past 2 months, and trying to watch what I eat without doing some crazy diet, or pill, and still not being close to where I want to be (sigh).

Until next time.


Weekend Warrior No More

I don’t know about you, but I am notorious for watching what I eat all week long, and as soon as the weekend hits its party time. And by party I mean meals out and children’s birthday parties, and let’s be honest. Kid’s food is AMAZING.

This past weekend was no different but we threw in an extra curve ball. We went out of town for a birthday party and to visit family. Now that I am in a really good rhythm with my eating I was trying to be extra aware of what I took in.

It was F’ing hard! Like, really hard.

It would be so much easier, and might I say more fun to indulge.

I stuck with a salad with balsamic vinegar, some fruit, and a bit of spinach dip.  
We happened to be near my husband’s Mom’s house so we dropped the boy’s off at their grandma’s and we peaced out.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Bonefish. I had heard good things and wanted to try it. Once again I had the chance to indulge but I had to make a very conscious decision to not eat the bread, and I ordered mindfully. I wasn’t very impressed with the food. It was just ok.  

The hotel had a complimentary breakfast, so I opted for my girl Gina’s go to. Eggs and oats.

FullSizeRender 17

We stopped for lunch on the way home and I had this glorious salad at Swami’s Cafe:


All in all, I would give myself a solid B+ on my weekend eats. I handful of Chex mix did find its way to my mouth, as well as a bite of my husband’s bread at dinner. I am only human for Christ Sake!

I’m curious, do you have any healthy tips for traveling?

Or do you just say screw it, I am on vacation! (My dream!)

Until next time!