Headed to Vancouver, eh?

Hey guys! Long time no see! One of my big goals in 2019 was to blog more #fail. But I have so much I wanted to share from our trip that I thought this would be better that going crazy on my instagram feed!

I hope I didn’t forget anything!
Waiting for our plane.
Vancouver Airport

We left for Vancouver on Saturday morning on a nonstop 3-hour flight on Air Canada. The flight was super quick and easy. We flew right through customs (not so much heading home, but I will get to that another time) and hopped in a cab. Taxi cabs are based on zone

Taxi Zones

not mileage or time. It was $35 for all of us and our luggage to get to the hotel. A lot of people opt to take the train in, which is about $15.00 for a family of 4 but on our last trip to Vancouver it was sort of a disaster so we opted for a cab. Our friends took the train in and said it was super smooth for them.
After we checked into the hotel the concierge pointed us toward the cobble street lined area of Granville.
We were starving so ate at the first place we found and it was pretty good but I probably would hit up a more authentic place next time. We then hit up some shops, and got dessert at this quirky Peruvian place that had churros and gelato?


When we got back to the room the boys hit the pool and I settled us in.

We had been so busy planning our cruise that we really didn’t make any plans for the 2 days in Vancouver. So on Sunday morning we ate breakfast at an adorable little cafe:

and then Gina had the great idea to hit up the Vancouver Aquarium.

It was so cool. After a ton of walking and a little more sight seeing we made it back to the room. Sunday night we just got organized for tomorrow and kept it low key with room service and a movie.

Monday morning I had set my alarm clock for 6, but my human alarm clocks were so excited to board the ship that we were all up by 5:15! There was an OTF steps away from our hotel which I took as a sign and got in a gnarly workout, then because god forbid I wash my own hair I hustled over to Drybar before we boarded the ship.

It was a pretty glorious morning for me if I do say so myself. Next stop, the Disney wonder!

I was thinking about doing a post or few about the trip. One idea was kind of a soup to nuts deal where I talk about what we packed and what we did, ate, etc. what would you most like to see! What would you like to see most: Packing tips? Disney Cruising? Alaska Adventures?  Please do me a huge favor and let me know in the comments!

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