4 Quarters or 100 Pennies?

Have you seen this quote making the rounds on Facebook recently?

Over the past weekend, it made me think…

My baby Wyatt turned five on Friday. He was so excited and we had a jam-packed weekend of celebrating him. We ate dinner at Corvette Diner, and spent the weekend at Legoland with family.

A few days before his birthday I ran into a momma from our previous nursery school. During the conversation, the topic of Wyatt’s birthday came up. She asked me if I was having one of my “famous” blow out birthday parties.

You see, I have garnered quite the reputation for having over the top parties for my kiddos.

When I told her I just wasn’t up to it this year, she gave me a look of disappointment.

This made me think about whom I was throwing the party for and why I had absolutely zero desire to plan one this year?

Which brings me back to the subject of 4 quarters versus 100 pennies.

This goes to the fact that I have spent way too much time and energy in the past trying to impress others. I was killing myself trying to make everything “perfect.” Details and particulars that my son, the birthday boy, the person who it should all be for, could care less about.

I’m over it.

This was the first year that I focused my energy completely on my son and enjoying him and our little family. Honestly, it was one of the most delightful birthdays we have celebrated together.

This isn’t to say that I will never throw another party, but the focus will not be on whether I have fantastic goody bags and Pinterest-worthy decorations.

This is not an issue of mommy wars or mean girls, this is just ME coming to the realization that I am done doing things for the wrong reasons.

This goes beyond birthday parties. It’s about cutting the fat and not giving into the social expectations put on us.

What I’m saying is, from now on I will do me, and you do you, ok? Cool.

So happy birthday kid, may we all be a little bit wiser this year.

Do ya feel me? Have you had any a-ha moments like this recently?

Talk to you soon!


8 thoughts on “4 Quarters or 100 Pennies?”

  1. YES! I think that’s why I didn’t do “everything” this year and bought all the things instead of doing it myself. I was able to enjoy the moment and not stress about everything up to it. The stress is too much. And this year might be the last big blowout altogether.

    Good job mama! He’s a lucky boy!

  2. Agreed! You’ve gotta do things that make YOU happy. And as moms we need to remember to take care of ourselves – I’m really bad at that and have neglected myself in a lot of ways over the past 5 years. I think that was my “a-ha” moment recently – to take care of myself…. still and probably always will be a work in progress. We want our kids to have memories of fun, stress-free birthdays with happy mommies, instead of stressed out ones! I love your boys! You are doing a great job. W will always remember his 5th birthday at Legoland.

  3. Yes! This is such a good reminder for me and all moms – it’s so easy to get caught up in doing things to impress others, but it’s the small, more meaningful moments that we should be focusing on. Well said!

  4. Around Valentine’s day, I felt anxiety over whether or not to send Pinterest Valentines to daycare…to the infant room. I quickly snapped myself back into reality, realizing how ridiculous that thought was lol. Thanks for your post 😉

  5. Totally hear ya! My kids parties have been less and less elaborate as the years go on. Our middle child only invited a few friends to spend a day with her for her birthday. I’d much rather she have quality time with a handful of friends than trying to keep 20 kids entertained.

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