Why We Ditched Gluten

My youngest son Wyatt had quite a health scare when he was 2.

We just assumed that his fussiness with certain foods was age appropriate. He seemed to only want typical kiddo junk food like mac and cheese. He loved milk, yogurt, apple sauce. Basically anything soft and easy to eat.

But one night just two weeks after his second birthday Wyatt was super fussy and refused to eat any dinner. I was frustrated but figured he would eventually get hungry enough to eat.

Around 3 am that next morning he woke up sick as a dog. He was vomiting and couldn’t even hold down a sip of water.

I figured he had some sort of stomach bug. The neurotic Jewish mother in me was trying not to overreact so I waited until the pediatrician opened at 9 to take him in.

We didn’t make it past the waiting room. She took one look at him and had me to turn around and drive straight to the hospital (This will do quite a number on a mama’s nerves). By this point, he was as white as a sheet and could barely lift his head. I kept my cool in front of him but inside I was flipping out.

Upon arrival, we were brought straight back to triage where they began to assess him. Wyatt was so dehydrated they couldn’t even find a vein. His blood glucose was down to 40. By then I knew it was more than the flu and called my husband at work for backup.

Getting admitted to the hospital.

He was admitted to Children’s Hospital where they discovered a blockage stopping up his intestines.

Wyatt in the Hospital

We spent 5 days there, and let me tell you the accomodations were not great.

Our bed.

We tried to make it as normal as possible, and big brother Max came to visit too.

Max and Wyatt Hospital

After clearing his intestines and minor surgery we came home, all pretty shaken up.

Unfortunately, after that episode, Wyatt continued to struggle with his health. He’s had gastrointestinal problems, sleep apnea, severe eczema, and chronic joint pain. He wasn’t gaining weight and was below the growth curve.

2 years of 5 daily medications later, I was at my wits end. I felt that all of these issues had to somehow be related. How could he have so many isolated problems?

After conveying my frustrations to his physical therapist, she suggested we try dietary changes. I wanted to run this by his doctors first because Wyatt had already been tested for food allergies.

When we got the green light from his team of doctors we first eliminated dairy. After 2 weeks we saw very little change.

Around that time we decided to take a little family trip to San Francisco before the school year started. Wyatt refused to walk with us the entire time. He was cranky, and complained that his legs hurt. All he wanted to do was watch movies back at the hotel. That was the last straw. We had to figure something else out.

This was his mode of transportation the entire trip.

Wyatt and Jeremy Pier 31

When we got home we continued with the food elimination and cut wheat next. Let me tell you it was a total game changer.

Since stopping gluten he is down to 1 of his 5 daily medications. He is more active, happy and without joint pain. No stomach issues, no eczema, no apnea, and has gained 2 lbs.

His gastroenterologist was shocked by the physical and emotional changes she saw in him.

We are currently awaiting the results of genetic testing to see if in fact has Celiac genes or a severe wheat intolerance. Because Celiac is an autoimmune disease it is hard to definitively diagnose. If he does have the genetic markers when he is a bit older they will perform an endoscopy to confirm.

Either way, we are NOT going back to wheat. He is so full of life. I can’t tell you how full it makes my heart to see him so much happier and healthier now.

Healthy and Happy

It hasn’t been an easy road. It took a long time to get here and we’ve had to make a lot of changes but it is defnitely worth the sacrifice.


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  1. I’m so happy to hear your sweet boy is doing better. Our daughter has been gluten free FOR 3 years now after 2 years of one misdiagnosis after another. It shocks me how modern day physicians don’t even mention food and dietary options. I also read Wheat Belly which was very eye opening!

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