Ready. Set. Clip.

My husband Jeremy likes to keep his hair, lets just say, short. Like, “honey you didn’t tell me you were planning on enlisting” short.

In the past I would give him his haircuts myself with his old set of clippers, but they were always so hard for me to handle and I would inevitably goof up. So every 3 weeks he heads to Supercuts, and let me tell you those $20 buzz cuts add up!

But recently Andis sent me one of their DIY hair kits to try.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of choices in the length of the guards. Typically the guards range from a 0-8. In this kit, there are 12 guards. As well, the kit has a guard specifically for maneuvering around the ears (My biggest struggle). I found the clippers to be sturdy, and they didn’t vibrate too hard in my hand. Does that sound weird?

Even the little guy asked to get in on the action! Ignore the hair everywhere, I’m a newbie to the hairstylist game…

After trying the kit out, my husband was actually complimented on his haircut at work.

This kit is legit!

If you are looking to cut your own kid’s hair, or giving your man a quick trim, I would definitely give Andis a try, you can also check them out at Walmart. Definitely a great last minute holiday gift idea!

Talk to you soon!


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