Grocery Store Round-Up

Hola amigos! Happy Friday!!! Any fun plans for the long weekend? We have a family wedding this weekend but that’s about it.

Since the week is winding down, and my neurotic, OCD self has already started thinking ahead to the next. As I start my meal prep I’m reminded of a convo I had with my friend Lindsay last week.

During our daily text thread she was telling me how exhausted she was from going grocery shopping. She had been to Costco, Target, and Sprouts, and still wanted to make a Trader Joe’s run. I was like WTF? You’re nuts.

Then I started thinking about it and there really is no one stop shop for food.

At Costco we buy snacks, fruit, and meats in bulk.

Target I get mainly paper goods, but sometimes they have really good deals on food items.

Sprouts is my go to for fresh ingredients that I may not need a lot of like ginger, and organic buys.

Then there’s Trader Joe’s for odds and ends. I really love how they have a lot of veggies prepped, and the freezer section. Come on. It’s worth the trip just for that.

Why can’t all of this goodness be in one place?

Anyone else hit up multiple grocers for the week’s food or are we just nuts?

Maybe I should just go to Vons, but where’s the fun in that ; )

Let me know!

Until Next time,


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