Namaste home no more!

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Hey! Happy Hump Day! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. My oldest son had two teeth pulled today and they had to sedate him so we’ve been chillaxing around the house. Tonight I am going to hit up yoga class so I thought this would be a good opportunity to share this post.

So a few months ago I blogged about how at a yoga class the front desk clerk thought that I was pregnant. I laughed it off because I really didn’t think I looked pregnant and it’s a super ignorant thing to assume unless I am literally crowning in your face. I don’t even know if then you should even say anything?!?

I digress.

Last week a girlfriend invited me back to the same studio for yoga. That’s when it dawned on me that I had not been back there since the “Incident.” I actually wore a sweatshirt when I checked in and walked past the front desk before we could chit chat.

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When I got about half way through the class I remembered how much I enjoyed it and how good I felt. I realized that it did affect me on a deeper level than I realized. I think I was afraid to go back and have it happen again. I was so mad at myself for letting some d-bag keep me from coming to class for 3 months.

This reminded me of the power of people’s words and how much they can affect others. I have a tendency to say what is on my mind, when it’s on my mind even if my opinion wasn’t necessarily solicited.

I too need to be more cognizant of the things I say to others, and try to be more like a duck and let the things assholes say to me role off my back!

Until next time!


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