Passover the bread…Literally!

Happy Passover to my Jewish peeps!

For those of  you not in the tribe, this is the holiday with the Matzo not the Menorah.

We headed back up to Los Angeles this past weekend to celebrate with my husband’s family. He grew up in a very strict Kosher household and there are many rules about bringing outside food in during Passover. My husband only has 1 rule for me. I’m not allowed to bring in anything. I have a bit of a reputation for being a trouble maker, and in years past I have been caught bringing in contraband.

So, I packed a huge cooler, and went out to the car whenever I needed a little snacky.IMG_2111

Most Passover food I am not down with ie. gefilte fish (barf)! But I love me some Matzo and cream cheese. I have been off gluten for a few weeks, so this lovely combination of wheat and dairy did quite a number on the tummy, but it was so good!


I wasn’t as healthy as I should have been this weekend and I am paying for it in bloat. But you know how it is spending all day in a house with your extended family.


I did get in a hike on Sunday morning. I met up with a girlfriend who lives in the area and we were planning on a quick little hike at a new spot near her house. Turns out it was a 6 mile loop! It was beautiful, but it ended up taking us over 2 hours to complete.


It felt great to get a workout in but I wish I hadn’t indulged so much the night before.

I am trying unsuccessfully to not dwell on the fact that I have been working out like a beast for the past 2 months, and trying to watch what I eat without doing some crazy diet, or pill, and still not being close to where I want to be (sigh).

Until next time.


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