Why I suck….at losing weight.

I really do have amazing intentions when it comes to diet and meal planning. I am hyper organized, make lists for my lists, and always have the most grandiose plans when it comes to my diet…..But,  I LOVE food so much! Also, I have always loved cooking. I dabbled for a bit in culinary school after my second kid, and worked in restaurants all through college.


I know that 85% of my success is what I put in my mouth.

Exercise has never been my issue. I am actually very athletic, so getting me into the gym for a hard core sweat sesh is fun to me.

Full disclosure, it is taking every fiber of my being not to just get some diet pills, lose my appetite for a few weeks, turn into a raging bitch and call it a day.

Unfortunately, I made this stupid promise to myself going into 2016 that I would respect my body more, and take better care of myself. Apparently that doesn’t include legal amphetamines.

So I’m trying to do it the old fashion way. And it f’ing sucks. I’ve actually gained weight in the last few months.

I am currently not eating sugar, dairy, or wheat. Bleh.

I always somehow find a way, reason, excuse, whatever, to sabotage my diet.

Common go to’s include but are not limited to:

-I’m exhausted

-Lets go out

-It’s too late to start cooking

-I had a shit day and deserve a burrito (most common)

Another issue is prep. Mainly because by Wednesday I’m sick of the food I made on Sunday and don’t have the energy for another round of prep.

Do I just not want it bad enough yet?

Is this my punishment for all of the crash diets i’ve been on for the past 20 years?

Am I crazy, or has anyone else been through this?

Until next time!

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