24 Hour Training Experience (Weeks 1 and 2)

About a month ago I had mentioned that I was meeting with the fitness director at my local 24 Hour Fitness to talk about hiring a trainer.


Quite frankly, I have never been incredibly impressed with 24 Hour. It always seemed like such a big impersonal/ corporate machine so I didn’t have high hopes when I met with Kevin.

I have never been known to mince words, and over the phone I made it very clear to him that this was not my first trip to the trainer rodeo.

At our meeting Kevin sat down with me to talk for a good half an hour. We had this amazing conversation about my past struggles with dieting, my personality, my goals, and what I wanted to get out of training. I’m not kidding when I say it was like a glorious cathartic therapy session. I felt like he really got me, and I didn’t want to stop gabbing!

The second half hour he assessed my current fitness level, and immediately picked up on some form and flexibility issues I’ve been dealing with. We talked about scheduling, and who from his team would be a good a fit.

About a week later I met with my new trainer Elaine. She was adorable without being cheesy, with a little sass, and I could tell immediately that we would hit it off.

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At our first meeting she took my weight and measurements and did a short circuit that was pretty intense. I am really excited to see my progress. We will be meeting 3-4 times a week for the next 6 weeks and she will be helping me with my nutrition.

Week 1:

We have been doing a ton of HIIT, strength, and lots of heart pumping activities like burpees, mountain climbers, and sprints in between weight sets. I’m really feeling her style, but I haven’t made many changes so far this week in the nutrition department. Baby steps. Oh, and I am SO sore I literally can barely sit down to pee!

Week 2:

I am definitely feeling stronger and that is an awesome feeling. I am tracking what I am eating, sorta. This is the first time I’ve basically just tried to wing it with the nutrition logging into MyFitness Pal. It’s not working. Mama needs structure.

Elaine is working on a meal plan for me. She wants me to give her 1 month of following the plan.That’s going to be tough!  We took my measurements again and I am down 2% body fat but the scale IS NOT moving. So while I am getting stronger, and yes muscle weighs more than fat, my jeans are still tight and that ain’t okay.

Over the next two weeks I will try my best to follow her meal plan, and be back with another update, and hopefully be a few pounds lighter!

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  1. Nice. I have that that 4-year-old not a baby anymore but I still have baby fat problem too. I with the mission valley 24 Fitness wasn’t such a dump.

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