The Best Appetizer Ever!

It’s not gorgeous, but don’t judge this book by its cover because it is damn good!

FullSizeRender 10

Trader Joe’s Feta Lentil Bruschetta ( I don’t think this recipe is a huge secret considering I tried it for the first time in the sample area, and have seen several versions of it on Pinterest.) Nonetheless, it is worth taking note of!


1 package TJ’s cooked Lentils,¬†1 container TJ’s Mediterranean Feta, and 1 container of TJ’s Fresh Bruschetta sauce.FullSizeRender 11

Dump everything in a bowl, and mix to combine. I serve this with pita chips at parties but we love it so much we have put it on salads and on top of chicken.

The best part is how simple it is to make. Gotta love Trader Joe’s!

Until next time.



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