Star Wars Birthday Bonanza

When it comes to my children’s birthday parties, I basically think I am a Kardashian.

What should be a little pizza, cake, and balloons turns into an over the top bonanza, that will inevitably set my child up for disappointment in the future.

Actually, I really love being creative and throwing parties, so basically my children are just an excuse for me to rationalize the amount of time I spend on Pinterest.

But look how cute it was!


I still can’t believe how my baby is 4 years old. It hurts my ovaries!


We ordered a fruit and cheese tray, veggie tray, and chicken from Von’s. I also served Star Wars Cheez-Its, Light Saber Go-Gurts, Graham Crackers, onion dip, and ruffles (always a party classic.)

Wait, what? Is that Star Wars noodle shaped pasta salad? Why yes. Yes it is.



And Hot Dogs! So good!


Each kiddo got a light saber. I found this gem on Pinterest. Just pool noodles and Duct tape and several hours of your like you will never get back.


R2D2 Goody Bags filled with trinkets I found on Oriental Trading. I found the printable on Etsy.



It’s all about the details baby! And luckily there is Star Wars themed crappy at every turn inside My Mecca I mean Target.


We had a Jedi Training Lesson. The kids loved it. Poor guy was sweating his ass off. If it wasn’t so expensive I probably would have cared.

And of course Dessert! Once again, Thank you Vons.

Until next time.

Betsy.  AKA The Jewish Martha Stewart 🙂

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