Viva Las Vegas (Part 2)

While we were in Las Vegas we left the kiddos with the babysitter overnight for the first time.

I just left a few notes for her to get by…

FullSizeRender 4

All of those years making Sub Plans really came in handy.

Too much?

Both my husband I have parents who aren’t quite in the kind of shape to be chasing around a 4 and 6 year old for 3 days, so we had our babysitter watch them.

We figured it would be good birth control for her.

This was the first time she had watched the boys overnight, and in typical OCD fashion I may have overdid it a little on the prep.

For starters, I made a binder for her to use. Inside were the neatly typed plans, important phone numbers, some spending cash, and medical release forms in case something happened.

I tried not to talk about the trip too much to the kiddos before hand. I didn’t want to build it up as something for them to worry about. Instead I emphasized that they got to have a party weekend of junk food and electronics with the babysitter.

I stocked the fridge and freezer with easy to make meals and snacks, and some cookie dough and cinnamon rolls for a fun baking activity.

I also grabbed some consumable activities from the dollar bin at target for them to make.

The sitter stayed at our house in the guest room, and drove the kiddos in my car since they had their normal weekend activities planned, and I wanted to keep things as consistent as possible for them.

We rarely leave them overnight, and this was the longest I had been away so I wasn’t sure how they would respond.


They don’t look too traumatized to me!

Who do you leave your kiddos with when you leave town?

Any tips/ ideas about leaving your kids at home with a sitter or family member?

Until next time.



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