5 Days of Crazy

Last week I had to put on my big girl panties and work 5 whole days in a row!

I have been part time since my second son was born almost 4 years ago. I was a little (a lot) stressed about getting everyone to the right place at the right time and was nervous that I would be too tired to cook, and derail our recent attempts at healthy eating. I am incredibly type A and plan everything out so this week seemed incredibly daunting to me.

Breakfasts are pretty easy, usually an egg with either Ezekiel Toast or oatmeal.


I prepped some lunches and tried to figure out what I could make for dinner that wouldn’t be too involved. With sports and karate we don’t usually get home until after 5:30. On days I don’t work I can prep dinner before, and just heat it up when we get home, but this week I couldn’t do that.


On Monday we had Penne Rosa Pasta with Shrimp minus the mushrooms. So good!


Tuesday I caved and ordered sushi, because the meat I had taken out of the freezer for dinner wasn’t defrosted enough.

Wednesday, we did Greek:


Thursday we ate some leftover Tamales we had in the freezer. If you live in San Diego, you must try Las Cuatro Milpas. Best tamales in the world!

Friday night my husband went out so the kiddos and I just ate leftovers.

It was an exhaustive week, but we survived! Kudos to all of the full time working mommies out there. I don’t know how you do it! You ladies are my HEROES!

All in all I would give myself a C+ for eating this week.

I seem start off the day with the best intentions, but by about 4:00 in the afternoon I start getting hangry, and before I know it I have eaten my body weight in Goldfish and whatever other crap my kids are eating.

My goal for this week is to get a handle on the snacking, and to try to lay off the carbs late in the the day. And by carbs, I mean candy, sugar, and desserts.


I actually bought this cookie for my sons to share on friday night, but they were being mean little trolls, so I hid it in my purse and as soon as they fell asleep this little chicky was all mine. And she was SO good!

I also joined a 21 Day Fix accountability group that started yesterday. I cannot wait to share how it goes. I bought the program a while back, and tried to do it on my own. I like the idea of eating everything in moderation as opposed to eating meals from a box, or never being able to eat carbs or drink booze. My only concern is all of the colored boxes, I feel like I am doing a calculus problem trying  to plan out my meals. We shall see…

Until next time!


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  1. Love the food posts this week! I love getting new ideas! I prep food for my fam on Sundays. It takes a bit, but saves SOOOO much time and dish washing later in the week!

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