Down But Not Out.


I created this blog and Instagram account to hold myself accountable, and to share my journey as I try to lose the flab. I’ve made some positive changes over the past month or so, up until last week.

It basically started over the long weekend. We went to visit family in Los Angeles, then 2 days at Disneyland, and to top it of, my son came down with a horrible case of the stomach flu. I can still see him, walking into my room, carrying his barf bowl, full and sloshing back and forth, to let me know he puked again. Clearly I’ve overindulged, especially considering somebody asked me if I was pregnant at yoga on Saturday.

So here’s the plan:

(Disclaimer: I am in NO way a nutrition or diet professional! I have zero official background in the matter besides being on a diet since I was 12. These are solely my opinions and interpretations.)

Over the next few weeks my intentions are to log everything I put into my pie hole into MyFitness Pal, and stick to lots of  veggies, protein, and healthy carbs and fats. At least those are my intentions.

It’s very hard for me to “Trust the Process” considering I have been on a diet since I was 12 and I have a terrible relationship with food.

Quite frankly there’s a part of me that just wants to get some diet pills and call it a day. The thing is, besides them being terrible for you, A) They make me a raging bitch, and B) It’s not the best example for my kids to see me all hopped up on diet pills.

Maybe I will tattoo “Trust the Process” on my arm to remind me that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I bought a pack of training sessions at the gym and am meeting with the fitness manager today to talk about finding a trainer who is the right “fit” for me. In other words, I don’t want the newest trainer who needs to fill his calendar, or the super hot skinny girl who decided to workout one day and all of a sudden has a six pack. I need a former fatty who got ripped!

Any other workout suggestions in the San Diego area greatly appreciated!

So, to recap I am going to try to exercise, eat as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible, and not stuff down my feelings with chocolate and online shopping.

Revolutionary, I know.

Meh, maybe just not the chocolate.IMG_0729 (Friday night of my dreams)

It’s crunch time bitches!

Until next time.



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