The Downside to Being Flabulous


Today I’m keeping it real. As I was checking into yoga this morning, the woman at the front desk said to me:

“There are two other pregnant women in class today.”

A little startled, I looked at her and said,

“Oh, I am not pregnant, clearly just fat.” and walked off.

I then proceeded to walk into the locker room to cry.

I thought, this bitch really f’ed up my yoga practice today. I know I carry my weight around my mid section, but do I really look pregnant?! I had a very hard time clearing my head and not thinking about it in class. It never feels good to be told you look a certain way, that you perceive to be negative. By tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be over it, but be warned, I will definitely be harping on this to my husband, girlfriends, and basically anyone who will listen for the rest of the day.

But here’s the thing. First of all, she probably feels like a HUGE asshole, as she should! This was evident when I could see her hiding in the office as I walked out of class. People make mistakes.

Secondly, I am going to do my best to channel this into a positive, and push myself even harder to work towards my goal of losing my stomach flab.

And if all else fails, I’m getting a tummy tuck.

Until next time.



One thought on “The Downside to Being Flabulous”

  1. How dare she totally inappropriate but you overcame it and did the class yoga and pilates especially the latter will blast the mid. And you know what you’re a mommy and you’re fab you aren’t going to spend 8 hrs a day working out which isnt necessary im exaggerating but you get it. The importance is sticking with it and you’ll have a bad day or week where you fall off and you get back on but the long term is what’s important. .you go girlfriend! !

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