Doing Disneyland Flabulously

Over the long weekend we made a last minute decision to head up to Disneyland for a few days. We have a love/hate relationship with Disneyland. In our minds we picture our happy children frolicking through Tomorrowland singing our praises and thanking us profusely for spending way too much money on tickets and a hotel. In reality it’s almost always hot as balls, the kids are either complaining, fighting, or generally pissed, and my husband and I basically want to shoot ourselves. That said, we still go several times a year because we are clearly gluttons for punishment. I wanted to share my top tips and suggestions to make your next trip flabulous.

  1. Do not bring your children along.IMG_0329
  2. Pack snacks because Disneyland does allow outside food and drinks. Also, if you weren’t able to find a hotel deal that includes breakfast (Always check online for AAA discounts!), pack breakfast. It will keep the early risers happy, if you decided to bring them along, and you will save lots of $$$$ and time eating in your room.
    ( I don’t mess around with my snacks.)IMG_0495
  3. Look cute but be comfortable. Wear big sunglasses so you can avoid makeup, stylish but comfy tennis shoes, and always carry a crossbody bag so your hands are free for snacks, and to pick up lazy children.
  4. Bring a stroller, even if you don’t have children. Seriously they are the best. You can lug all of your crap in them, carry drinks, push the pesky children and there’s kind of an unspoken agreement that nobody steals from a parked stroller because it’s Disneyland and that would be the worst Karma ever.                                                   ***Note to those who wear fitness trackers like the Fitbit. When you’re pushing a stroller with both hands the tracker won’t count your steps because it cannot sense your movement. Boo!***IMG_0471
  5. Double check what time the park opens and arrive early! The sooner you arrive the more rides you can enjoy, and the park really starts to fill up after lunch so if you get there when they open you can get way more done.  And don’t forget to utilize the Fast Pass Program!IMG_0467
  6. Lastly, treat yo self! It’s Disneyland for Christ sake! No, don’t eat every Mickey shaped pretzel, ice cream bar, and waffle in sight, but you are walking all day in the miserable heat with whining children so pick one thing to splurge on.(I would basically choose a rice crispy treat over pretty much anything, ever. Especially one with chocolate on it.)

Until next time! -Betsy

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  1. Betsy, You crack me up!! Whenever I hear the word
    Disneyland, I will be remind of your saying “Hot as balls!!”
    I miss seeing you at Rogers, not sure if your still there but I’ve been out since Dec. 18, ,2015.
    Knee issues finally had kneecap replacement on July 13, 2016.
    I look forward to relaxing and laughing as I read “Life with Betsy!” Keep up the great and entertaining writings!! ??

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